This year’s artistic focus: Minimal Music

The music was inspired by compositions from various fields connected to American Minimal Music, in a sense as „repetitive music“. The participants could work on existing material in different ways and explore new paths of developing musical ideas. The diverse process of realization included group- and solo-working space and discursive experiments in special rehearsal-situations to make the most out of the musical ideas. Fantastic experience!!

Repertoire 2021

Re-Compositons, Arrangements and inspired pieces by: Brandt-Brauer-Frick, Terry Riley, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, Nils Frahm, Bonobo, Boards of Canada, Giorgio Moroder


Katharina Gläsmann (Vocals) Adam Dupas (Violin) Sara Theel (Keys, Electronics, Viola) Ati Tampi (Acoustic/electric guitar) Gustavo de Oliveira Lavandeira (Percussion) Sacha Lourties (Trombone) Carolina Raany (Percussion) Théo Levis (Drumset) Katharina Lehmann (Percussion) Julien Garros (Electric guitar) Danijel Tropcic (Vocals) Hugo Ronciere (Electric bass) Malin Schute (Vocals) Olivier Lapierre (Sounddesign) Krystoffer Dreps, Claire Suhubiette, Thierry Gonzalez, David Haudrechy (Conductors/Professors)


19.-26.09. Limoux @Limusic Residential Studios

17.-21.11. Münster @Musikhochschule Münster

Münster 17.-21.11.2021